This site is for all Robin Hood kit car owners who live in the North West.  It is  a copy of the famous Lotus 7 sports car, and is built by amateur mechanics at home in their own garages. The car was built up using a kit of parts supplied by Robin Hood Engineering.   Most models also needed a donor car, early examples were the Triumph Dolomite and the Ford Cortina, but eventually settled on the Ford Sierra.   Early models were of a monocoque construction, while later models had a tubular chassis and were named the 2B (short for 'tubey').  The final model was the 2B Superspec, which came as a rolling chassis with a full set of parts so it didn't require a donor car.

Like most kitcars, improvements are made to them from time to time, either to upgrade certain items by fitting aftermarket components, or even fitting larger engines, sometimes from a  non-Ford donor such as the Rover 3½ltr V8, Toyota 1600cc, or the Vauxhall 2ltr, 16v.   

The Robin Hood Owners Club is a national club, with about 400 members, and with around 30 members in the North West area, which stretches from Cumbria in the North, to Cheshire in the south, across to Manchester and West of the Pennines  in the east. If you are interested or own a Robin Hood kitcar, live in the Northwest of England, especially if you are still building your car, then you don't know what you are missing if you're not a member of the owners club.

There are 13 separate area's, each with an Area Secretary who co-ordinates the activities in each Area.

The Area Secretary for the Northwest Darrell Shuck, with a Username on the forum of Darrell

The club caters for anyone, you do not need to have a Robin Hood kitcar, just the passion for kitcars.

I would like to acknowledge all the work carried out by Jim Stott who originally built this site and thank him for his permission to link to it on the main site.

Here are some useful links:

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