Rover "K" series cylinder head problem

I think that we've all heard about the head gasket problems that can be experiences with the Rover K series engines. The other day at my local garage, there was one in bits, so here are the photo's.

Here you see the emulsified oil sticking to the underside of the top cover. P1010442.JPG (42364 bytes)
This photo shows the cylinders with all the waterways full of emulsified oil. you will note the triangular holes in the castings, this is were the oil drains down from the top of the cylinder head, back to the sump. It is the seal around these holes that gives the problems. P1010441.JPG (51392 bytes)
In this photo, you can see the old gasket. You can seal the sealing compound that is attached to the gasket, if you look at the top hole between the 2 right-hand cylinders, you will see that the sealant has broken away from the gasket, causing the problem on this engine. P1010443.JPG (59659 bytes)
This photo shows the length of the "cylinder head" bolts, looking at them, they must go right through the engine into the sump! Consequently, the torque setting for these bolts isn't very high (I'm not quoting it)

I'm not making further comment, but I'm glad that I decided on the Vauxhall engine instead!

P1010444.JPG (53106 bytes)