To make wind deflecters that "clip" onto your windscreen side brackets, you will need 4 hinges like these, They slot onto the windscreen post, then are "nipped" up with an Allen key (you can just see the screw on the top hinge)

You can get these from the various shows, or they are available from:

"Coach Trimming Supplies" tel. No. 0121 694 5664

State:   "350A friction hinge, slotted type, ie. MG type"

They are about 5 each.

WINDFL2.JPG (16089 bytes)
Wind deflector.

This is on Dave Tomlinson's car, and he admits that it is a copy of Mr Sheen's.

Hinges came from S & J Motors, of Chorley (Tel No etc. in *usefull No's page*) approx 5 each.

Then the perspex was supplied & cut to a cardboard template, by Display equipment Co, 197 St Georges Rd, Bolton, for 2.

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