silencer_packing_rolled.jpg (8178 bytes) Silencer packing, available from cbslogo.gif (5711 bytes)   (Click link)

Loose material also available.

bonnet vents.jpg (30461 bytes) This vent is the 8 louver stainless vent, 17"x 3"  Part No. Q006612 from "Aqua Marine" tel No. 01638 721509.

(Make sure you ask for the stainless steel ones, as there are plastic ones similar)

Can be found on their website,  HERE!   

(waiting photo) Sierra Diff, magnetic drain plug. Ford Pt No.  F6118746
(waiting photo) Sierra Diff, half shaft oil seals (open diff)   Ford Pt No.  F6107894
A number of us have fitted CB radio's to the cars, so as to keep in contact when in 'convoy' we use ear pieces, these can be obtained from CPC at Preston, their web site is  phone No is 08701 202530
ear pieces.jpg (17866 bytes) Ear pieces. AR70038  

'Y' splitter to take 2 ear pieces. CN00647 

If you mount the CB under the dash, and don't want the ear piece wires trailing all over, then make a short extension wire to run from the CB, under the carpet to behind the seats. The parts you'll need are. (along with a length of 2 core speaker /bell wire, the white wire you can just see.)

3.5mm mono jack plug   AR70484(pack of 10)  

3.5mm jack socket       AR 70499  

breather for twin webers.jpg (28341 bytes) If you have twin Webers/Dellortoes on your Pinto, then you need to remove the crankcase breather valve system and fit this elbow, it should then be piped to an oil catch tank. They are available from Rally Design (01795 531871) part number; RD4161.
Carb Plenum chamber to fit the DGAV &DGAS carbs so that you can scoop the air from the front of the car.



You can find it if you go to their website at

For dizzy's for the Pinto, modified for a different advance curve phone: 01293 882 425
Stainless steel laser cut grills for your car, send him a drawing of what you want, and he'll probably be able to do it.

Contact. Martin Towsend (e-mail link)

On Robin Hoods fitted with the Pinto engine, the standard sierra clutch cable is routed through the exhaust manifold between No3 & 4 outlets, and even when wrapped or shielded, the extreme heat causes the cable to seize in time.

An alternative longer cable than can be routed away from the extreme heat is Quinton Hazel part number;  QCC 1585. (This is originally fitted to the 2 wheel drive Sierra Cosworth)

This the one fitted to Andy's car, as you can see, it goes well forwards of the exhaust manifold. (PS, it's the one covered in heat protection)

(Thanks to ant b from the RHOCAR Community board for this information)

Exhausts / silencers made to measure, stainless and lifetime G'tee.  website;

Guy's name is Kenny, and used to work with me. Phone number is; 07752289058, and he's located in Upholland near Wigan, off the M6 at junction 26.