Monocoque rear shock absorber mounting



With the coil over shock absorbers fitted to monocoque cars (not all, earlier ones used the main sierra springs) the bracket that they fix onto will twist & distort after a few thousand miles, even to the point of tearing the bolts out of the 'chassis rail'

This then is an area that needs strengthening up. As you can see, the top mounting is just bolted through a piece of angle iron (some cars have 'eyelet' type mounts on the shockers, but the problem is still the same)




(piccy, Stuart Hickman)


What you need to do is to add webs to the angle iron. You can see an extra piece of plate below the angle, this is welded to the angle iron, also the area where the shocker actually mounts, has been doubled in thickness and 2 vertical webs added, 1 either side of the shocker itself. Make sure the shocker won't touch the webs, as it will move slightly when the suspension goes up + down.

Where the angle iron bolts to the chassis rail (far right of pic) I have made a 4mm thick plate that go into the chassis section, with the heads of the 2 bolts welded to it to captivate them, then they come through the chassis rail & angle iron, effectively sandwiching the chassis rail.

The 4 nuts that you see, are the U clamps for the roll-over bar. I have also strengthened the mounting of this item by welding  bungs (previously drilled and threaded 12mm) into the bottom of the roll-over bar ends  then by carefully marking the boot floor, drilling through and fitting bolts up into the roll-over bar, complete with nice thick super large washers.