this page is mainly for *Special items* that don't come under the normal Ford parts list for the Sierra donor car.

I would also suggest that you check on availability of any parts that you want,

as they will most likely need to be ordered in.

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To browse the Quinton Hazel catalogue, and find those part numbers you're looking for, go to their website                 Quinton Hazel website

TOPH.JPG (30737 bytes)

Quinton Hazel part No.

RAH 1144

This is the top hose available from

your local motorfactors for the standard

radiator as supplied by RH.

HOSE.JPG (8836 bytes)

    Quinton Hazel part No.

RAH 1145   

This is the bottom hose available from

your local motorfactors for the standard

radiator as supplied by RH.

OILFL.JPG (22177 bytes)

Power train No.


This is a shorter filter that will fit if you have an

oil cooler fitted. It's original use is for the Ford V6

with the power steering fitted.

(Note the 'dints' from the removal tool)

Quinton Hazel Pt No.


Thermostat that starts to open at 77 degrees,

but comes with a 'Baffle' fitted, this needs to be

removed along with it's mounting peg.

rotor arm.jpg (3839 bytes)

Halfords Part Number

HRA 561

This is a "rev limiting" rotor arm to fit the Bosch dizzy, it comes in at 6,750 rpm stopping you overreving your engine.

(Thanks to Colin King for this information)

2B bottom ball joint.jpg (24110 bytes) Quinton Hazel Pt No

This is a replacement for the bottom ball joint, as fitted to the RHSC Wishbone 2B.

The utmost care must be taken when replacing these, normally they are fitted with the wishbone heated up, that isn't practical when replacing them, so I would place the ball joint in the freezer for a couple of hours, then quickly fit it to the wishbone before it can return to 'normal' temparature. Some form of locking device is also recommended.

(Thanks to Paul Key for this information)

2B bottom ball jnt locking.jpg (20024 bytes)

A number of owners have had problems with the bottom ball joint. There are instances of the nut that holds the joint into the hub  coming loose, this is easily locked by drilling straight through the nut & threads, and fitting a split pin.

Also, the ball joint itself has come loose in the bottom wishbone, a good method of locking it, is to make a locking tab, similar to the photo. This also means that should in time the ball joint be replaced, a simple new tab can easily be made to fit.

Maplin Part No.


Circuit breaker.

The photo shows a 100amp unit, but the part number refers to a 60 amp unit that looks just the same.

should a major 'short' occure, this switch off, cutting power. To reset it, you just turn the little lever back into place.

(I have one, and it's worked when I've shorted things out due not being bothered undoing the battery lead)

2B top ball jnt.jpg (7591 bytes)

Top Ball Joint -- Transit 1965 to 84 Drag Link End Right Hand Thread Top ball joint, as used in the wishbone 2B, and possibly others.

Ford Type 9 Gerbox Saddle Bush - Nylon

Type 9 gearbox nylon saddle PF 1522783 Gear selector saddle for type 9 gearbox.

Ford Sierra Differential Propshaft flange bolts

Prop bolts, diff flange 6118344 Prop to diff flange bolts sierra differential.

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