Radiator Options

Whilst RHSC will supply a radiator with a kit, these are usually what has been available for them to buy at "Job lot" prices, and some members find that they aren't ideal for their application.

What follows is a selection of different radiators, that members have used, or alternative ways of making the RHSC supplied radiator more effective.

For the monocoque cars, the supplied radiator was a Cortina single row one, I changed it to a double row one, and still keeping the viscous engine fan, made a fibreglass cowl to fit.

This proved effective, and was passed on to another member when I went to the Vauxhall engine.

RAD&COWL.JPG (15103 bytes)
Wishbone 2B.

One of out North West members has fitted a mini radiator, complete with it's fan into the front of a wishbone 2B. Initial runs look encouraging, the big test will be the Le-mans trip this summer.

Kevs mini rad.jpg (42590 bytes)

Wishbone 2B.

Here we have the supplied Cortina radiator, with a Citroen BX electric fan fitted into the nosecone, because you can't get the fan up close to the radiator, it has been cowled in.

BX fan upload.jpg (47428 bytes)

mount&fan.jpg (56367 bytes) mounted.jpg (48394 bytes) mounted2.jpg (57072 bytes)
Wishbone 2B again,

The radiator is off an early 90's (J reg) Seat Marbella (£45+vat, new) with a fan off some Renault diesel something or other, although a Citroen BX would fit. brkts made and welded on make it a 'proper job'

thanks to Steve Johnston for the photo's, who assures me that there is plenty of room under the nosecone.

brkts.jpg (46783 bytes)
Here we have a rad that Colin King bought from Donington show, it's a 3 core ally job, with it's tank on the side, both inlet & outlet hoses come from that side as well. The fan is the usual Citreon BX job.
mazda rad.jpg (27931 bytes)
mazda rad2.jpg (32344 bytes)
Here we have a Toyota Corrolla electric fan, as fitted by Nigel (Longboarder) to his car. You can see the measurements, and Nigel tells me that there are a number of wires, so it's obviously more then a single speed fan (although you'd have to play with them to find out the various permutations)