womans dash1.jpg (17914 bytes)

Clocks for the ladies!!!

CCLOCK.JPG (71079 bytes) If you want to put individual type of clocks in your dash, but cringe at the cost, then how about these?

These are out of a Capri, and look very smart when done.

(This is Tony Hursts dash)

TONYCLCK.JPG (42886 bytes)
Dave Tomlinson's Capri clocks. DASH2.JPG (16817 bytes) DASH1.JPG (14715 bytes)
My dashboard.

Smiths speedo & Taco & time clock, with VDO   smaller gauges.(order all small gauges at the same time, and state that the bezel must be the same, or they can differ)

MYDASH.JPG (74164 bytes) MYDASH2.JPG (79283 bytes)
Mitch Gaynor's dashboard. Again using Capri clocks.

I believe that the centre tunnel will be covered in red at the top to match.

(Mitch,You could have put the horn push in for the piccy!)

These are the clocks fitted to John Boyles "Beast"

A 2B with a Rover V8

Gardon williams dash.jpg (58722 bytes) A rather nice set up of smaller dials.

from Gordon Williams dash, it looks like the radio will go into the slot at the bottom.

The pages dash.jpg (41577 bytes)

Another use of Capri clocks, this time from a Mr Page one of our RHOCaR members from down south.
Nigel Duncans dashboard, notice the use of the 80mm main clocks instead of 100mm ones. Very tidy. nigel dash.jpg (21647 bytes)
Steve in Stockport's dash, the bottom edges were done by gluing thin foam (camping mat) over the edge, then covering the whole dash with it before the final covering.
This is Enforcers 2B dash, somewhat different than the one supplied by RHSC, but using the sierra clocks and the smaller ones that RHSC supply (except the time clock & heater control)
This is Rusty's dash, nice use of ally chequerplate sets off the white dials, topped off with a matching steering wheel.

Again, this is a Superspec, and much nicer than the RHSC offering.